I have a BA, but how do I know if I am qualified for the Global Studies Programme?

  • Applicants must have obtained 120 credits (ECTS) in total , 60 of which must be in the “social sciences” (according to our institute’s definition). This includes sociology, regional studies, geography, anthropology and political science. Please note that finance, law, economics, business, media/communication, management do not automatically qualify as “social sciences” according to the above. More information can be found, alas only in German, here (as of p. 29).
  • Please note that other interdisciplinary subjects may be considered, however, no binding statement can be provided before the application has been sent in for selection. Subjects diverging from the ones listed above will be evaluated on an individual basis by the selection committee.
  • The application goes through an administrative and academic check. The latter is carried out by a committee of Professors at our institute, while the former by the local administration. These steps bear different weight in the final decision and selection, which can only be determined once the application round is complete.

Is the program in English? How do I know if my English level is good enough?

  • Yes, the program is in English. Applicants must have a C1 level, which can be demonstrated by providing test results. There are many tests that count, but the most common is TOEFL and a score of 100 is required. A list of other accepted tests and the minimum requirement is provided here (as of p. 29).

Is German knowledge required?

  • German is not required to study, and neither is it for the application.

What criteria are used to evaluate applicants?

  • Applicants are ranked according to their BA grades, international experience and their essay.

How many people join the program each year?

  • Between 20 – 30.

How many applications do you receive each year?

  • Between 100 – 150.

Does the program begin in the winter semester?

  • No, unfortunately not.

What are the steps in the application process?

  • Applicants must create an account with either Humboldt University or Uni-Assist. Please refer to the section “Application” for details.  They must upload all of the necessary documents. Documents need to be uploaded as well as sent per post to: HumboldtUniversitaet zu Berlin c/o UniAssist e.V. Geneststrasse 5 – 10829 Berlin 
  • Please note that a number of documents need to be certified. Please refer to Uni Assist’s standards for certification: http://www.uni-assist.de/standards_en.html. This point is extremely important. Failure to deliver certified copies will result in the rejection of your application.
  • Applicants are encouraged to read our application page very carefully, and explore the pages that are linked to it, in order to make sure that their applications are complete. Incomplete and/or late applications will not considered.
  • Please contact us to receive the most up to date application checklist.

What careers do GSP alumni typically pursue?

  • Alumni from the GSP have pursued a variety of careers. Many have chosen to work for international organizations such as the United Nations, or non-governmental organizations such as Amnesty International. Others have pursued careers in government. Finally, a significant number of alumni have chosen to remain in academia.

I am accepted to the programme. Is it possible to defer my entrance? 

  • Deferral is not possible.