The multicultural experience of the programme is enhanced by the composition of the group of students that travels around the world together. Each group comprises students from all parts of the world. Most students have experience studying or working abroad and have studied a range of disciplines such as sociology, anthropology, political science, area studies and international relations.



Within the framework of compulsory courses, several professors teach GSPians on a regular basis. GSP partner universities often offer a large variety of electives for the GSP students to delve into their research interests. While teaching staff remains mostly the same, GSP teaching plan for the coming semester might vary. To get the most updated teaching plan of a specific location, please write to GSP contact person for that location to get the most updated information. Below is an overview of typical teaching activities and lecturers in a GSP period given in the GSP Semesters order.  

LocationGlobalizationPoliticsCultural ChangeMethodology
BerlinVincent Houben, Tamer SöylerMichael Mann, Manja Stephan-EmmrichBoike RehbeinIngeborg Baldauf
Buenos AiresAlejandro Pelfini, Patricia FerranteValentina Delich, Miguel Lengyel, Soledad
Aguilar, Gastón Fulquet
Ariel Yablón, Oliver KozlarekPablo Forni
PretoriaSepetla MolapoDebby Bonnin, Sepetla MolapoDebby BonninCharles Puttergill
BangkokCharit Thingsabadh

Chanthana Wungaeo

Sunait ChutintaranondNadawee Bunnag, Siraporn Na Talang
DelhiHarish NaraindasVivek KumarMaitrayee ChaudhuriV.Sujatha



Each university is responsible for local practicalities. For this purpose, GSP partner universities assign contact persons for GSP related matters. This person coordinates GSP within the spirit of the local context.

When potential GSP candidates or first semester GSP students get in touch with local GSP contacts, they are expected to examine and understand the local context and communicate accordingly.

Semester 1 - Berlin: Tamer Söyler works at HU Berlin IAAW as a lecturer, researcher, and director. He will provide you with the most updated information on the upcoming GSP application (MA), the first semester in Berlin and an overview of the other semesters. He is also the contact for GSP Ph.D. applications.

Semester 2 - Buenos Aires: Laura E. Lezzi works at FLACSO Argentina as coordinator. She is the first person to get in touch with to get information on the second semester at FLACSO Argentina and life in Buenos Aires. She could be reached at gsp (at)

Semester 2 - Pretoria: Charles Puttergill works at University of Pretoria as a senior lecturer. After going through the overview provided by Tamer Söyler, you could get in touch with Charles for your specific Pretoria related inquiries.

Semester 3 - Bangkok: Vit Vatcharakirin works at Chulalongkorn University and responsible for GSP coordination. He will give you all kinds of information on the semester in Chulalongkorn University and life in Bangkok. He could be reached at v.vacharakirin (at) 

Semester 3 - New Delhi: Bharat Kumar is a senior administrator working at The Centre for the Study of Social Systems of Jawaharlal Nehru University. While he takes care of the administrative part of GSP, a student coordinator (a Ph.D. candidate) assists GSPians.Bharat Kumar can be reached at buddhasa (at) He will share with you the email address of the student coordinator for the given period.

Semester 4 - all locations: Until now all GSP students graduated from HU Berlin. At the moment a double degree with FLACSO Argentina can be offered. This is why the contact person for the final semester will be Tamer Söyler.